Re: YHWH in LXX Papyrii

Jan S Haugland (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 02:54:19 +0100

Wes C. Williams said:
>Summary: The LXX copies in pre-Christian times retained the divine
>name. The evidence is that the substitution of YHWH for Kyrios in LXX
>copies began after the first century C.E. (or perhaps late first

Please note that the objective of the comprehensive set of arguments
forwarded by Wes is to build a basis for the argument that the *New
Testament* originally contained the tetragrammon as well. This is a key
theological argument of the Jehovah's Witnesses which as far as I know
is not shared by any NT scholars. While Wes' research may certainly be
valuable and interesting as a counter-point to the majority scholarly
opinion, you should be aware that there is an agenda behind which may
(note "may") have biased the selection of evidence.

- Jan