Re: "Don't curse": but Paul does! :(

David B. Gowler (
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 08:27:10 -1100

> I get the feeling that if one disagreed with Paul more than once, then one
> was thrown out of his "circle", or rather "cursed out." Maybe the tone of
> Galatians is as sharp as it is because he is just responding in rage with
> moments of ingenious interpretation thrown in here and there while the
> opponents really have won in discrediting Paul and circumcising Gentiles.
> Sorry for the length. Hoping for some thoughts. Please post to me privately
> as well because I'm in digest mode here and would like to get any responses
> outside the digest.

Plase forgive the advertisement, but as associate editor of EMORY
STUDIES IN EARLY CHRISTIANITY, I should point out that our newest
volume is on this very topic.

THE RHETORIC OF CURSE IN GALATIANS by Kjell Arne Morland was just
published by Scholars Press. He investigates "curse" in Hebrew Bible
texts, Philo, and other places in order to compare Paul's use of the


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