re: selling greek

James H. Vellenga (
Mon, 18 Mar 96 08:22:38 EST

> One of the rabbis said:
> "Reading scripture in translation is like kissing your bride through a veil."
> I have filed the serial numbers off that and made it slightly less sexist,
> but I think it expresses the concept quite pithily.
And one might rejoin,

"Knowing Christ only through the scriptures is like kissing your
bride through a veil."

It happens that the only significant corpus of material evidence we
have concerning Christ is the Scriptures, and I find myself holding
them in high honor, and as a standard against which all other witnesses
must be compared. And I really do delight in getting to know the
nuances by understanding the Greek better and better. But I also
hold in high honor those who know Christ with a deep personal relationship
and often profound spiritual wisdom, but who, while they know and
love the Scriptures well, know little more Greek
than LOGOS and AGAPH. And if I had to choose, I'd rather be
among those who know Christ well and the Scriptures through a veil
than among those who know the Scriptures intimately but Christ
only through a veil.


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