Tue, 19 Mar 1996 13:10:22 -0500

Well, I bring another question from Romans 8:20.

Is KTISIS here to be translated "creature" (the human being) or "creation"
(the created world not including humans)?

If, in verse 20, KTISIS is "the created world" or "nature", if you please,
what does it say about God, if, in fact, God subjected creation to a curse
because of Adam's sin? Does this make God some kind of irrational, unethical
being who zaps the earth for something nature is not responsible for? Why
would nature be cursed?

If this KTSIS, on the other hand, is "creature," I can see it as a possible
reference to Adam as the one who was placed in subjection. I would then take
TON hUPOTAXANTA to be "God."

But when I look at verse 21 I see that KTISIS is enslaved to corruption which
seems to imply that it's the created world which Paul has in mind.


James Clardy