Unutterable Sighs -- Romans 8:26 (James Clardy)

Tue, 19 Mar 1996 16:48:38 -0500

This is my final question for the day.

Are the STENAGMOIS ALALHTOIS in Romans 8:26 something which is brought on by
the the spirit within an individual in a prayer mode or are they "spirit"
issues which take place totally outside the individual as an operation of the
Spirit. In other words, to put it simply, does the spirit do the sighing or
does the believer?

This question arises out of my interest in what is called Spiritual Formation
in the tradition from which I come. But I somehow feel that this is very
important to understanding Paul as he works the issue of cosmic corruption.
He has already mentioned the sighing or groaning of creation.

We've had snow in Tennessee today so it's been a day for studying Romans 8.


Jim Clardy