Davis Phillips (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 08:10:56 -0600

The word PROSKUNEO includes etymologically the workd KUNEO (kiss); At least
the Liddel & Scott data seems to strongly indicate that this is so. See the
Liddel & Scott entries available from Tufts University on-line Persesu
system on the web (I have listed the entries for PROSKUNEO and KUNEO below,
for those who may have trouble accessing the Web).

Back in 1970 I was pondering the meaning of Jesus' discussion in John
chapter 4 of how" the Father was seeking true worshippers to worship him in
spirit and in truth." -- What does it mean to WORSHIP God?!
I looked into the Greek and was impressed that "worship" had the thought of
coming before in obeisance and respect, with the thought also that it might
involve a respectful kiss. This understanding of "worship" deeply
impressed me that worship involved a PERSONAL relationship to the one being
worshipped (The Father). (There is a traditional sense in which one
thinks of worship as very close to a ritualistic behavior, very religious,
but not very personal.)

(Please let me know (off-line:to dphil, not b-greek) if you found this note
useful. thanks)