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>From: michael zarb <>
>Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 21:01:46 -0700
>Subject: Mishna mss
>Quite often in scholarly writing about matters of the literature of the
>turn of the era we find the Mishna or other parts of the Talmud quoted as
>reliable sources, sometimes even to put down the reliability of other
>contemporary literature. My impression is that the Mishna started to be put
>to writing around 200 CE and the earliest extant manuscripts date from c.
>10th C. I would like to know what happened to this literature from 200 to
>900 CE.
>Comments or bibliography please.
>Michael Zarb
>Cobble Hill, BC, Canada


Another person who has noted the problem and written extensively on it is
Jacob Neusner. He has several books which discuss the problems of the
use of "rabbinic" materials to elucidate the NT. Others don't agree with
him (JPSanders for example), but I think you'll find his discussions
enlightening and challenging; even if you end up not agreeing with him
either. I guess the "father" of this discussion in modern times was
Samuel Sandmal in his SBL presidental address entitled "Parallelomania",
which can be found in JBL. Have fun chasing this issue; you'll no doubt
end up passing through the OT in the NT debate in the process (Is Paul
targumizing; Does Matthew out-rabbinic the rabbis, etc.).
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