Gramcord e-mail

Randy Leedy (
Fri, 03 May 1996 14:38:30 -0400

I would appreciate it if anyone could pass along an e-mail address
for the Gramcord Institute. I have the address for their web page,
but my internet access is limited to e-mail.

To the user inquiring about finding Hebrew SaMaCh translated with
agalliaw in the LXX, I would comment that a computer Bible program,
especially BibleWorks for Windows, really shines in this kind of
work. A search for the root in either language can bring up both
texts in synchronized windows, and the program is even smart enough
to keep track of versification differences. As far as I know there's
no such thing as a Hebrew-LXX interlinear, so there would still be
some work to do in comparing the texts, but at least the page
flipping is eliminated. Another strategy, instead of verse-by-verse
comparisons, would be to generate a list of references for each root
and to compare them for matches. Perhaps the quickest way of all
would be to search for the Hebrew root, output the results (with both
Hebrew and LXX texts) to a file, and then search for the greek
letters galli (which should appear in any form of the verb). Any hits
would represent verses containing the desired Hebrew and Greek words;
the only remaining work would be to compare the texts to make sure
that the Greek word translates the Hebrew (poetic parallelism might
combine synonyms so that the Greek word represented a synonym of
SaMaCh Hebrew rather than SaMaCh itself).

In Love to God and Neighbor,
Randy Leedy
Bob Jones University