Verbal Correspondence Question

Bill Caulfield (
Sat, 04 May 1996 23:12:32 -0700

IMHO, Paul, in Galatians, was responding against rivals who had used text
from Jeremiah as part of their persuasive presentation. The rival's framed
the question as between the authority of the God-proclaimed
Prophet to the Gentiles (Jer 1:5) as opposed to [what they would have
referred to as] the mere opinion of the self-proclaimed Apostle to the
Gentiles. The text with probative value for the purpose being the LXX of
Jer 12:14-17.

There is some verbal correspondence: MATHOSIN of Jer 12:16 (with Gal
3:2) and EPISTREPSOIN of Jer 12:17 (with Gal 4:9).

Q - Does anyone, especially those E-Resource zappers, see any other that I
have missed?

With appreciation,