Re: Salvation, Destruction, and Voice (LONG!--was Re: 1Co 1.18)

Shaughn Daniel (
Tue, 7 May 1996 00:31:12 +0100

Geez, Carl, I didn't realize that I was being so provocative. I suggest
that Paul connects a middle/passive and intransitive partciple to an active
verb from a HB. He gets his APOLLUMENOIS from the immediate context, from
v. 19 APOLW (both forms going back to APOLLUMI according to the majority of
NT Greek tools; something which you have corrected by suggesting the two
verbs instead of one and something Louw/Nida suggests as well). I am
sincerely trying to stick to the textual issues which should inform and
build theological statements and not vice versa. I'll try in the future to
leave out overt theological musings, although I must admit my surprise that
I am being interpreted as so provocative about it--my tone is usually to be
read in the context of a slow and quiet idyllic study in Tuebingen with a
view to the Stiftskirche and the Swabian Alps behind it--in other words,
I'm not upset about anything, nor am I overtly concerned to be right or
wrong theologically, just logical.

BTW, what the hell is Calvinism? <grinning and hoping you are too>

Shaughn Daniel
Tuebingen, Germany