Re: New Date on P64 Manuscript

Nichael Cramer (
Wed, 8 May 1996 01:00:15 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 8 May 1996, Stephen C Carlson wrote:
> Wes C. Williams wrote:
> >Papyrologist expert Thiede recently decribed the P64 fragments as " a Christian
> >codex fragment of the first century, perhaps (though not necessarily) predating
> >AD 70." Of course, this is news since it it would be persuasive (albeit not
> >conclusive) evidence to skeptics that at least one gospel writer was an
> >eyewitness of Jesus.
> >
> >Where does one go to view a copy of the manuscript itself? And its translation?
> >Is there an internet site? How can I obtain further information?
> For a scolarly critique of Thiede's dating of P64 by Sigrid Petersen,
> see the following URL:
> Stephen Carlson

Two other, easily accessible print sources are the book "Gospel Truths?"
and an article in last December's issue of Bible Review, both by Graham
Stanton. Both contain good discussion of Thiede's claims. Finally, both
contain good photographs of the fragments (particulary the BR article).

Nichael Cramer

P.S. It is, I think, fair to take exception to your use of the word
"skeptic" in the above; this is an unfair characterization of view held by
the overwhelming majority of scholars working in the field. --N