Holy Spirit, etc.

Eric Weiss (eweiss@acf.dhhs.gov)
Wed, 8 May 96 14:19:02 EDT

We're not able to connect to the Internet right now so I can't check the
b-greek archives, but someone last month posted a request for sources of
information on things related to the Holy Spirit, esp. re: Eastern
Christianity, I believe (forgive me for this message if my recollection is
incorrect). Anyway, I wanted to refer the person to CHRISTIAN INITIATION AND
BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT -- Evidence From the First Eight Centuries, by
Killian McDonnell and George T. Montague, The Liturgical Press, 1991,
ISBN 0-8146-5009-0. The authors discuss the New Testament texts and post-
biblical texts from Tertullian, Hillary of Poitiers, Cyril of Jerusalem,
Basil, Gregory Nazianzus, Philoxenus, John the Solitary, Theodoret, Joseph
Hazzaya, John Chrysostom and Severus.