Re: Conditional sentences

Rod Decker (
Wed, 8 May 1996 23:02:54 -0500

>In general, what I've found is that: (1) If the protasis of a first class
>conditional sentence (portrayal of truth for the sake of argument) is in fact
>true, the English translation "since..." can be used: Matt 6:30 "Since God
>clothes the grass..." (as BDF # 372[1a] points out, this is reinforced by

One caution with translating the protasis ('ei') of a "true" first class
condition as 'since' -- at times doing so loses the rhetorical effect in
English. E.g., Phil. 2:1, If/since there is any encouragement in Christ...
It may well be that leaving the "if" in place comes closer to the
rhetorical plea of Paul. 'Since' makes a subtle change in the argument by
stating that it is true (i.e., in English) rather than the reader having to
mentally ask that question. I think Silva makes this point in his comm.

>BTW, (I hope he doesn't mind me saying so; I've never known him to be
>shy) but Beegleman (aka Dan Wallace) is a lurker in this group; perhaps,
>since he's put his Syntax to bed, he could shed some additional light
>on this subject--I have this sneeking suspicion that he had to wrestle
>with this concept recently at length in doing the Syntax... I also
>suspect that alot of folks would like to know (so they can plan their
>Syntax classes for next year) the publication info as well...

Perhaps Dan (or Bill Mounce who did the typesetting) will comment, but in
talking to Zondervan's academic rep. (Jack Kragt) this week, he indicated
that the current ship date is now July (pushed back [again!] from June).

BTW, CBD is advertising Dan's grammar (_Gk Gram. Beyond the Basics_) for
$19. This is based on last fall's projected price of $27 list. Since it has
now gone up to $40 list, when their first 200 copies are gone, their price
will also go up. They _are_ honoring the $19 price at present.


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