Thu, 09 May 1996 18:01 -0500 (EST)

TO: A. Brent Hudson
FROM: Harry J. Harm
DATE: 9 May 1996

Dear Brent,

Greetings from MIssissippi. Since I had Louw & Nida's Greek-English
Lexicon of the New Testament Based on Semantic Domains open to look up
SARX I also checked these two words. You asked:

> Is there any difference between FAULOS & PONHROS semantically or are
> they used synonymously throughout our literature?

They list one meaning for FAULOS.

88.116 FAULOS, H, ON: pertaining to being evil in the sense of moral
baseness - 'mean, bad, evil.'

However, they list four different meanings from PONHROS - wicked
(88.110), worthless (65.27), guilty (88.314) and be sick (23.149).
88.110 is the closest to FAULOS.

88.110 PONHROS, A, ON: pertaining to being morally corrupt and evil -
'immoral, evil, wicked.'

Following Louw and Nida, it would appear then that FAULOS is a near
synonym to one meaning/use of PONHROS.

Harry J. Harm -
translation consultant to the Choctaw Bible Translation Committee