Aorists in the Magnificat

Kenneth Litwak (
Sat, 11 May 1996 13:06:37 -0700

I thought I might follow up with a note on this because I've run across a totally
different suggestion that I think is interesting, though it doesn't affect the
argument of paper I'm writing (maybe it should?). Randall Buth, "Hebrew Poetic
Tenses in Luke 1:46-55," JSNT (1984? I think), argues that in biblical Hebrew
poetry, verb tenses are changed from what might be expected to other forms for
rhetorical, non-semantic reasons. I should have the above entry memorized
since I just typed it in my bibliography last night. I don't know what you
all were doing until 1 AM this morning, but I was making sure all the periods
and commas in my footnotes and bibliography matched the Turabian style. That
book has become more heavily consulted than my Greek NT, which I think is pretty
sad (if a prof wants to knwo who I cited, he/she should read my carefully
prepared footnotes intead of making me waste time on a bibliography for a
18 page paper). Anyway, I thought some might find this extra bit of info

Ken "sleepy after a week of up till 1 AM, get up for work at 6 AM" Litwak
Berserkely, CA