Re: Finding the B-Greek exit

Davis Phillips (
Mon, 13 May 1996 10:04:48 -0500

Dear Tony,
I've noticed about a half-dozen 'unsubscribe' message to b-greek the
last 10 days. Each time I've thought of your 'boilerplate'. Have you been
sending them the new( revised) 'boilerplate'?

Please let me know how your 'unsubscribe' ministry has been working out
the past week. It's worth doing, and I encourage you to persevere, with

Thanks, and best wishes. Davis Phillips
>As a B-Greek lurker for some time now, I thought I'd reciprocate for all
>I've learned through this forum: whenever I find an "unsubscribe" among my
>B-Greek postings, I zip this[boilerplate] off to the sender. Since I
>check my mail at least once a day, the scholars on the list shouldn't have
>to do more than "trash" (Eudora's term, not mine) those messages, resting
>assured that someone else has set the sender straight.
>>> Peace and strength,
>>> Tony Prete
>>> Haddonfield, N.J
>>> (609) 428-1203.

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