Hatch & Redpath

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Subj: RE: Hatch & Redpath

Subj: Hatch & Redpath

Can anyone please tell me if this is in print, and if so,
where, and how much is it likely to cost?

The booksellers here in New Zealand can't find details for
me. So, middle voice, I will have to get it for myself.

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Dear Trevor:
I have a feeling that I answered this previously, maybe not
too long ago, but Listers come and go, so here it is again:

Hatch & Redpath's Concordance to the LXX was (re-)published during the
1950's in Graz, Austria, by the Academic Press (English translation), in 2
volumes, a photocopy of the 1890's original 3 volumes.

It was available a couple of years ago (and may still be) by ordering from
one of the big German booksellers. I suggest you deal with:

P.O.Box 29 29
Taunusstrasse 5
D-65019 Wiesbaden

Their phone is (49/611) 5 30 0.

But you are better off with their internet address:


They will absolutely know if it is in print, and how much it will cost. If
it is out-of-print, they may have a used-copy to offer.

Edward Hobbs
Wellesley College