A brief aside

Tony Prete ((no email))
Mon, 20 May 1996 10:26:39 -0400

Just thought folks might like to know that my help to people who post
unsubscribe messages on B-Greek is progressing smoothly. Also, perhaps
you'll enjoy--as I did--the following note I received from one of the
"departing" brethren.

>From: OLIVEBR670@aol.com
>To: tonyp
>Thank you kind sir. May the Lord bless you and keep you in Online time. May
>the Lord make the Internet to shine on you and give you much information!

The message reminded me of what is apparent but often unnoticed, that the
Internet is giving rise to new forms of the only genuine Christian ministry:
serving the needs of others. B-Greek is a shining example.

So, you folks keep on discussing and us lurkers will keep on learning.
Tony Prete
Haddonfield, N.J
(609) 428-1203.