Re: Pocket Lexicon

Edgar M. Krentz (
Thu, 23 May 1996 16:19:25 -0500

> Being unfamiliar with the Schmidt concordance, I'm wondering if it
>is based on
>an ecclectic text (eg. W&H or Nestle) or on the Textus Receptus. It's
>being published
>in Athens makes me think it is probably the latter.
>David L. Moore Director

It is based on the textus receptus, was originally done about 1820 in
England, uses a very small Greek font that also uses ligatures, and is very
tiny in the photographic reprint done in Athens. My copy used to go with me
to all meetings; now I take the small edition of Schmoller, the same size
as the 27th Aland.

Schmidt is a good buy. Cost about $5.00 in Athens. If people need it, I
could post the address [since my copy is in my office, I cannot do it at
this moment.]

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