Re: Bob Erck?

Carl W. Conrad (
Fri, 24 May 1996 13:34:03 -0500

At 10:29 AM -0500 5/24/96, Nichael Cramer wrote:
> Am I the only one getting "vacation" mail messages (i.e. "I am out of
> town this week...") from
> > Bob Erck <>
> I've received five in the last five minutes, all from messages to B-Greek
> (some about a week old).
> Does anybody know "Bob" (or maybe his sys-admin) and can ping them to fix
> this. Otherwise B-Greek is not going to be much fun for the week or so
> while "Bob" is out of town.
> Nichael

No, I just deleted five myself from the last week. I think his real name
must be IRK, not Erck. One smart enough to set up an automatic mail
answering system ought to be smart enough to filter out messages from
Listservs from personal messages. No doubt we'll have the same automatic
replies to these also!

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