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At 11:04 PM -0500 5/27/96, wrote:
> ............................................................... My view
> is that if we really want to get in-depth into Scripture, an in-depth
> knowledge of Greek as a language is necessary. I'm not so sure of
> the value of studying Greek to merely use it as a tool, for I've seen
> that such an approach can easily lead to some wrong conclusions. For
> my part I'm working on a PhD thesis in the area of the Greek subjunc-
> tive--to say the least, it's quite a challenge. I've already come
> across some things I've not yet found in any grammar or syntax book, or
> any extant article. It's exciting. At the same time I find some of
> the b-greek discussions worth reading and thinking about--and as I have
> the opportunity I share them with others, Greek students in particular.

John, welcome aboard. As you may have noticed, I very much share your view
about the worth of broad knowledge of Greek. You've roused my curiosity
about your project on the Greek subjunctive; could you share with us a
little of what, precisely, you may be working on and whether it is
fundamentally concerned with the historical Greek language from Homer
onward or with Hellenistic/NT Greek? One thing that I personally am
fascinated by is the multiplication of functional usages of hINA +
subjunctive clause in the Hellenistic period and afterwards. What IS it
that you're exploring? (if you don't mind sharing something that may still
be in preliminary stages, that is)

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