New Bibliography on WWW Pages

Micheal Palmer (
Tue, 28 May 1996 23:14:03 -0500

For those of you interested in the application of linguistics to biblical
Greek, James Tauber has recently posted an updated version of my
bibliography on the subject to his Hellenistic Greek Linguistics World Wide
Web pages.

The bibliography is now fairly comprehensive and can be very helpful to
those of you involved in research on biblical Greek. My ultimate goal is to
produce a comprehensive bibliography of all works which have conciously
applied some recognized form of modern linguistics to biblical Greek
(excluding discourse analysis since a bibliography on that topic has been
done by Rod Decker). Use of modern linguistics to describe biblical Greek
is the only criterion for inclusion in the bibliography.

The URL (WWW address) is

You may download the bibliography in either TEXT (ASCII) format or in RTF
format. The RTF version is fully formatted with correct use of italics,
etc. and may be read by virtually any MacIntosh word processing program. It
includes actual Greek text rather than transliteration. The TEXT version
may be read by MacIntosh or DOS/Windows based platforms, but does not
contain italics and uses transliterated text for Greek.

If you download the bibliography and notice any glaring omission (i.e. some
work which clearly applies a particular variety of modern linguistics to
biblical Greek, but does not appear in the bibiography), please let me know
and I will include it in the next revision. While there are many great
works on biblical Greek which do NOT apply modern linguistics to their
subject, these are outside the scope of the bibliography, so will not be

Any comments on the bibliography will be welcomed.

Micheal W. Palmer
Assistant Professor
Greek and New Testament
Bluefield College