Interesting Scripture passage!

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Dear Mr. Dickens,

Do you believe "The Gospel According To Thomas" to be divinely inspired as
the canonical Gospels?

Thank You


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>Subject: Interesting Scripture passage!
>>Dear Tim,
>>I too have been following closely your discussion with Brother
>I was kind of curious about that passage you put under your
>signature. May I know where or what passage of scripture you got it
>from? Thank you
>>very much.
>>Your Brother in the Lord,
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>Yes My friend the saying is from the gospel according to Thomas,
>saying # 114. The gospel of Thomas is a gnostic text found in 1947
>in Nag Hammadi Egypt. It contains sayings that survived into our 4
>gospels (parable of the sower and the seed, eg.) It is, many
>believe, one of the earliest gospels along with a source still
>missing called 'Q' by scholars today. Perhaps one day humankind
>will find the 'Q' source, like we found Thomas. Then many
>questions about Jesus will be solved. You can visit a Thomas web
>sit on the web. I am sorry that I do not have an address. If I
>come accross it, I will send it to you from school today.
>Timothy T. Dickens
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