Re: Tell Hazor excavations

Jonathan D. Safren (
Sat, 03 Aug 96 13:54:51 -0000 (B+2)

Hi Loren,
You wrote,

>> In addition to the multiplication tables, archaeologists found a
>>tablet inscribed with a list of goods sent from Hazor to Mari, a
>>major Canaanite city in Babylon dating from the 18th century B.C.

>Eh? A "Canaanite" city in "Babylon?" Do tell!

What can you expect?

The interesting thing is that among the Mari text there is an itinerary
(I forget the exact reference) concerning shipments (of tin?) which
mentions Hazor and Laysha (= Layish = Dan). I don't know when the
new Hazortext was inscribed, but this sounds like an excellent
dovetail. I just hope the reporter wasn't confusing the Mari text with
the find at Hazor.
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