Have you ever used modern greek

Sam Johnson (buddy@connecti.com)
Mon, 05 Aug 1996 17:35:04 -0700

B-Greek members,
I had the oppurtunity les than 4 months ago to use modern greek
pronunciation at an Air Force Base in Texas. I stopped at the post office
on base to get some stamps and noticed a man mailing some letters. I
immediately noticed the Greek letters (which are still the same as the
N.T.) and struck up a conversation. He was a Greek officer who was there
on a training mission. His English was very broken so I said greetings in
Greek. He was amazed!!!! I then in my very broken Greek(modern) was able
to hold a discussion with him. He was very interested in how I learned to
speak his language. I then had an oppurtunity to share my faith in Christ
and to explain my interest in N.T. Greek. I quoted Jn3:16, Rom.1:16-17,
and he understood that I was a Christian and we exchanged. The
conversation ended on such a positive note that we both left the post
office with huge grins. He had thought about the Bible but he hadn't made
a decision about Christ. Also there were 6 to 7 people in the post office
and they overheard our conversation. God only knows why I had that
oppurtunity but I am thankful I did. Learn Modern Greek!!!!!!!