Re: Assumptions

Carlton L. Winbery (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 10:17:13 +0400

This has been a most interesting battle between the inerrantists and the
JW's. I have been very reluctant to say anything because of the interest I
have in the way they think. One controling fact, the text in some copy
somewhere is absolutely perfect. That controls everything regardless of
what they find in the text before them. Most interesting.

I too will trudge back to the office and the classroom in another week.
The classroom will liven me up I am sure, but the committee meetings and
paper work, institutional effectiveness, etc. weigh me down. I once wrote
out my goals for the year and turned them in. "I'm going to try and make
it." This goal is measurable, If I'm here next year, I made it. It is
worthy. It will take my best effort. Needless to say I eventually had to
turn in my back-up goals.



Carlton L. Winbery Prof. NT & Greek La College