The sound of Koine
Fri, 16 Aug 96 13:53:28 EET

I would like to recommend:

C.C. Caragounis
The Error of Erasmus and un-Greek Pronunciation of Greek.
In: Filologia Neotestamentaria nr 16 (1996), p 151-185

"It does not appear to be generally known what factors and circumstances led
to the so-called "scientific" pronunciation of Greek.
All started with a practical joke played on Erasmus by the Swiss scholar
Loritus of Glarus. Later, however, Erasmus found out the trick played on him,
so he desisted from using the pronunciation he had proposed, but his error
finally succeeded in ousting the Greek pronunciation of Greek.
The article exposes throughly [thoroughly?, EvH] the evolution of the
pronunciation of Greek since the origins of the language."

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