Myth of objectivity

Edgar M. Krentz (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 23:03:21 -0500

In reference to recent postings on this subject.

A direct citation from the Welcome to B-Greek message: "B-GREEK is an
electronic conference designed to foster communication concerning the
scholarly study of the Greek Bible. Anyone interested in New Testament
Studies is invited to subscribe, but the list will assume at least a
working knowledge of Biblical Greek. Those interested in learning to study
the Bible more personally and less exclusively academic should join the
BIBLE list."

The mannner in which comments ar written makes clear (1) a commitment to
interpreting the Greek language of the NT in its wider linguistic context;
(2) the presuppositions underlying a respondent's interpetation of that

I respect the theological positions of all on this list--and do not feel
called to correct or instruct anyone about their presuppositions. I expect
the same from all who subscribe, given the statement above.

I did not appreciate the comments of Peter Wise on those with whom he
disagrees: "It seems so ironic to me that many of those who most assert
their own personal objectivity are in reality the least objective people
(according to their own standards!)," He says that "Many (perhaps most)
liberal scholars" claim to objectivity is wrong (a judgement which much
recent publication on exegetical method would refute); his assertions about
the bibliographies in appear to assert a wide knowledge of course syllabi
from all overe the academic world. I think he owes many on this list an
explicit disclaimer of those broad generalizations. I hope they are not
characteristic of others who claim the honored name of evangelical. I know
they are not of colleagues I know at both Wheaton Graduate School and
Trinity Evangelical Seminary, Deerfield, IL.

We discussed this topic some time ago. I hope we do not have to repeat that
discussion again on b-greek. I hope it can retain its objective, scholarly,
polite air, even as we differ on the significance of language [even in
relation to theology].


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