Writing in Koine Greek? Why bother???

Jonathan Robie (74144.2360@compuserve.com)
16 Aug 96 15:13:22 EDT

> Perhaps part of the problem is that the NT is a simpler type
> of Greek that classical, and therefore is less demanding with
> regards to syntax and vocabulary. If you start out with Koine,
> learning classical Greek will seem like a nightmare.

I can believe that. Before Perseus, I wouldn't even try to read
anything classical. Since I'm teaching myself, though, I prefer
the simpler Koine. I read the Bible every day anyways, so why
not in the original? And I'm a simple kind of guy...

Recently, C.W.Conrad corrected some mis-translations of Greek by
saying, "no, if they meant that, they would have written it like this".
I wish I could write similar, slightly different sentences to draw
out the real meaning of the passage.