Character Assasinations and B-Greek

Wes Williams (
14 Aug 96 07:35:46 EDT

I have been a member of b-greek for nearly two years and have benefited and
enjoyed the constructive conflict. However, yesterday, for the first time, I
observed conduct that I have not seen before on this forum.

If the Pope, Martin Luther, John Calvin, or the leader(s) of any other religious
group made a statement about the Greek New Testament with which I did not agree
theologically, I might take issue with the statement in particular and its Greek
on B-Greek and get constructive criticism/ feedback regarding the statement in
particular. That is one thing. However, if I instead made a highly debatable
statement regarding the Pope, Luther, Calvin, Jehovah's Witnesses, Assembly of
God, Latter Day Saints or the religion of whomever in an attempt to discredit
the theology they represent in order to advance my own ideas, that is quite
another. It would not only reveal my motive and argument weakness, but it would
make a statement about me as a person.

If this continues on b-greek, I will regretfully unsubscribe until this becomes
a moderated forum.