Discontinuing Archive

James K. Tauber (jtauber@entmp.org)
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 23:41:15 +0800 (WST)

It is with much regret that I inform you all that I will no longer be
able to archive b-greek at www.entmp.org

I am bringing my computer home from work because the University of
Western Australia can't really justify the $200 a month it costs them to
have my machine on their network (none of the stuff on the machine is
related to either my own or anyone else's work at the University).

I am paying for space on a US web site for the Electronic New Testament
Manuscripts Project and the Hellenistic Greek Linguistics Pages but some
things have to go for me to be able to afford this. The b-greek archive
is one of them.

I hope it have been useful to some of you (if a little slow, being all
the way in Australia). I will try and help anyone who wishes to have the
"torch" passed on to them.


James K. Tauber <jtauber@entmp.org>
Associate Director, Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project