Re: John 8:58 and <prin>

Jack Kilmon (
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 10:55:20 -0600

Victor C. Bissett wrote:
> I have only recently joined the list but
> I have followed this debate with particular interest.
> Can anyone tell me whether they feel the Aramaic
> used casts any light on the argument around
> Thanks,
> Victor Bissett

A quick responce off the cuff without checking a reference...sometimes
dangerous....Daleth-Ayin-Dhaleth-Lamedh-Aleph (DADlo) Nun-He-Waw-Aleph (NEEhweh)
Aleph-Bheth-Resh-He-Mem (AvraHAM) Aleph-Nun-Aleph (ENa) Aleph-Yod-Thaw-Yod (YEEthey).

Jack Kilmon