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At 09:00 8/16/96 -0600, Jack Kilmon wrote:
>Stephen C Carlson wrote:
>> The major evidence for the pronunciation of Koine Greek is how
>> the Romans transliterated Greek words into the Roman alphabet,
>> and how Latin words were transliterated into the Greek. Similar
>> evidence can be adduced for Greek based upon borrowings to and
>> from other languages.
> The clumsiness that I perceive with Latin as a model for Greek
>is the various ways Latin has been pronounced in different arenas.

No one is suggesting that Latin be a model for Koine Greek pronunciation;
however, contemporaneous transcriptions of Greek words into the Roman
alphabet and vice versa is important evidence of Koine Greek pronunci-
ation. Also important are mispelling in Greek papyri.

For a detailed treatment of both Latin and Greek pronunciation see
W. Sidney Allen, VOX LATINA and VOX GRAECA respectively.

Stephen Carlson

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