Re: John 8:44

Douglas A Peloquin (
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 15:27:29 EDT

On 17 Aug 96 13:35:26 EDT A K M Adam <> writes:
>The phrase in question interests me more because John omits the
>possessive genitive pronoun here.

The KJV adds *your*, but in italic meaning that the translator's added
the word for clarification. This would seem to come from the rest of the

humeis ek tou patros tou diabolou este kai tas epiqumias tou patros umwn
qelete poiein.

The latter half of the sentence "and the desires/lusts of your father you
will do" links the subject (you) as being of the father identified as the
devil in the first part of the sentence.

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