A K M Adam (
19 Aug 96 14:24:02 EDT

Greg and Carl rightly correct my presentation of matters with respect to 2 Tim 3:16.

I concede the point that here the context does incline toward taking GRAFH as something like
"Scripture," both on the basis of 3:15 and the predicative structure of the phrase PASA GRAFH
THEOPNEUSTOS. I was reacting more to a question that my summer Greek class had raised last week,
and not paying as close attention as I ought to the specific context. Still, I think we need to watch
carefully our tendency to assign technical ecclesial meanings to fairly plain Greek words. Especially
since, as you point out, the category of "Scripture" was quite fluid at that time, our use of
"Scripture" for that word in that context is gravely complicated by the [relatively] stable status of
"Scripture" for twentieth-century observers.

Grace and peace,
A K M Adam
Princeton Theological Seminary

"To translate is human; to parse, divine"