Re: Comment on Polycarp and the Pastorals

Carlton L. Winbery (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 18:07:18 +0400

Edward Hobbs wrote;
>I'm sure that Jack knows this, but for any that may have been surprised by
>the suggestion that Polycarp wrote 2 Timothy, you might be interested in
>the proposal over three decades ago by one of the German nobility who is
>(was?) also a great scholar of early Christianity, Freiherr Hans von
>Campenhausen, that Polycarp of Smyrna wrote all three of the Pastoral
>Letters. See his article "Polycarp von Smyrna und die Pastoralbriefe"
>-- it may be found in his volume _Aus der Friehzeit des Christentums_
>(1964), pp. 197-252.

Just a quick adendum to Edward's note. For those who want to read a
different discussion of the canonization of Scripture that includes an
interesting discussion on how the Hebrew Bible became part of the Christian
canon, read F.H. von Campenhausen, The Formation of the Christian Bible.
He relates this development to developing creeds and ecclesiastical forms
(perhaps what suggested to him his theory of the Pastorals).
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