Learning/Teaching Greek at Different Levels

David and Glennis Cashmore (cashmore@actrix.gen.nz)
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 20:37:04 +1200

Has anyone any resources, books etc on teaching NT Greek for different
outcomes? I'll explain what I mean.
I know some people who learnt NT Greek and then let it all dribble away.
They probably learnt more than they needed to, yet now have less than they
wanted. It seems to me that there are multiple levels one can learn Greek
to, but that what is most important is that
a. the right tools be used when that level is reached;
b. the right practice is continued to ensure that the level is maintained.

Here are some examples (please don't take them too seriously - I am making
this up as I go along!):

1. Serious Greek User - Wants to use Greek consistently in Ministry.
- Complete beginner's guide such as Wenham or Mounce
- UBS 4/Nestle 27
- Zerwick's Grammatical Analysis of NT
- Lexicon's
- Syntax (e.g. Nunn)
- Computer bibles
- daily reading of NT in Greek
- development of NT vocab down to words used more than 20 times in NT

2. Casual Greek User - wants to know enough Greek not to misuse underlying
Greek text (is this possible??)
- Special course geared to use Interlinear and basic tools and to provide
enough Greek for students to understand Greek oriented commentaries
- Interlinear Greek NT
- Mounce's Analytical Lexicon
- Good computer bible with Greek parsing
- Parsing Greek weekly

Has anyone done this kind of analysis or can anyone point me to resources
that would help?
I am associated with a Bible College that teaches night classes. We work
through Wenham and/or Mounce over a period of two years. A third Greek
course is taught by taking students through the book of Mark in Greek. The
Bible College wishes to keep Greek as a distinctive, but wants also to make
it more relevant to a wider body of Christians. It may be that this goal
is not possible, but I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

David Cashmore

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