practical greek

20 Aug 96 15:22:21 EDT

> Has anyone any resources, books etc on teaching NT Greek for different
> outcomes? I'll explain what I mean.
> I know some people who learnt NT Greek and then let it all dribble
> They probably learnt more than they needed to, yet now have less than
> wanted. It seems to me that there are multiple levels one can learn
> to, but that what is most important is that
> a. the right tools be used when that level is reached;
> b. the right practice is continued to ensure that the level is

I would also highly recommend David Alan Black's book
"Linguistics for Students of NT Greek".

This book is a an excellent introduction to linguistics and blew
my mind open to understanding the importance of linguistics
for reading, translating and interpreting NT Greek (as well as the
English NT for that matter)

I also have Black's "Using NT Greek in Ministry" - this is also
a excellent practical guide with some examples.

Gordon Fee's book, "NT Exegesis" provides an excellent framework
for the process of exegeting the NT.

These books have helped me immensly in my Greek studies and
are well worth the minute expense.


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