Re: A little Greek
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 18:29:45 -0400

Dear Randy Leedy:

First, I will never, NEVER forget the beloved and late of most happy memory
Dr Goodrick's admonition to aspiring language scholars (about getting on
their high horses in pulpits) found in the later section of his visionary "Do
it yourself...." What a guy!

Second, I learned some Hebrew at a Bible College (LIFE in San Dimas, CA of
Foursquare fame (or infamy)), and we used William Lasore's sort of inductive
method of learning. So we were exposed to lots of texts, which was cool. At
the end of the program we all picked up the incomparable Dr Bruce Waltke's
(cowritten with M.O'Connor) Introduction to Hebrew Synax, which we found
wonderfully useful (it was SO understandable - especially to advanced Greek
students, just learning to grapple linguistic issues. The inductive method,
combined with indepth grammar study later, was very effective.
Unfortunately, I probably can't tell a furtive patach from an umlaut now,
but hey, we're not building pianos, anyway.

I hope this insight helps.
Peace, Gregory Yeager of Tacoma, WA