Greek middle/pasive
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 20:31:44 +1000


I love what you have said about the middle nd passive. Since I also use
French and German I have often thought about the issue, and now you have
said it so clearly. It solves a number of problems.

I really like the idea of the use of the term "reflexive" and wonder why and
how the term middle has come to be used? Was it because of teaching Greek
as if it were Latin sort of thing? Do you have any suggestions? Can you
refer me to any source where the reflexive is emphasized versus the passive
and where it is reflexive rather than middle. I think the term "middle" is
so confusing to students--in fact I had a question thrown at me about it
just today and I explained the reflexive idea and it became so much clearer
and more meaningful to this struggling student. Have you had any experiences
like that?

John Oaklands