Re: messages from my server

Karen Pitts (
28 Aug 1996 11:10:00 U

RE>messages from my server 8/28/96 11:08 AM

Randy and B-Greekers:

Randy just notified me that Sarnoff's server has been sending (reflecting)
messages for each message received. All I know from this end is that it has
been down or virtually down since Monday. My apologies for the noise it has

More to the point, I can't read most of what has been sent since I logged on
on 8/25. If people generating messages about learning/teaching Greek, or a
little greek is a dangerous thing in the last few days could resend them to me
( or, I would appreciate it
very much, especially as I head into teaching a new class in September.

Again, sorry for the irritating messages.

Karen Pitts
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, NJ, teacher of NT Greek
David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ, statistician