Re: Romans 2:14(a)

Marty Brownfield (
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 12:37:48 -0700

From: "Carl W. Conrad" <>, on 8/25/96 6:31 AM:
> I also think we should understand this whole endeavor in Rom 1 and 2
> to place Jews and Gentiles on the same moral plane as purely
> theoretical/hypothetical. In fact Paul does not concede that either Jews or
> Gentiles observe the Law in a fashion that will win their salvation.
> Rather, Jews and Gentiles alike are utter failures at keeping the Law, as
> he states clearly in chapter 3. His point in chapter 2, I think, is that
> the Law WOULD save Gentiles as soon as it WOULD save Jews, IF, in fact,
> Gentiles OR Jews really DID observe the Law--but in fact, NEITHER Gentile
> NOR Jew observes the Law.

Actually, Cranfield sees "Gentiles" as "Gentile Christians". He notes the
parallels of v.15 with Jer. 31:31 (LXX), and concludes:

"although they have not been brought up by virtue of their birth in the
possession of God's law (like Jews), they now know it and actually have in
their hearts the earnest desire to obey it."

J. D. G. Dunn sees the book of Romans arising out of a conflict between Jewish
Christians and Gentile Christians, but he rejects Cranfield's views here,
although I think they would help his case: Paul may be trying to explain to his
Jewish Christian bretheren why Gentile Christians are not "second-class"

Anyway, thanks to Carl for his thoughts, and I look forward to hearing from
others. (I will shut up for now.)

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