Re: preachers and Greek

Carl W. Conrad (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 10:22:26 -0500

At 9:58 AM -0500 8/30/96, Carlton L. Winbery wrote:
>Let me put in my little bit here. I went to seminary when both Greek and
>Hebrew were required for a B.D. This curriculum simply assumed that if you
>were called to preach the Scriptures, you were called to understand them to
>the max. The problem is that we Americans have swallowed the idea that
>learning a language is hard. It is not hard, it simply requires regularity
>of use. I made A's all the way through both Greek and Hebrew by spending
>about 30 mins every morning before breakfast working on them.

Carlton, you've disclosed the great secret! The world may soon come to an
end! I am sure that you're quite right; if only we will spend 30 minutes a
day on language study BEFORE BREAKFAST (although I've found coffee helps),
we can learn any language well!

No, of course, the real secret is indeed regularity of use, the unremitting
daily practice, the very same thing that anyone who plays a musical
instrument knows only too well. It may even work at other times of the day,
depending upon the individual's own body chemistry.

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