Re: John 8:58 & commentators

Wed, 21 Aug 1996 21:06:05 -0500 (EST)

Carl Conrad wrote:

Speaking only for myself, I think this exchange over John 8:58 has ceased
to be illuminating; it appears more than anything else an exercise in
demonstrating the correctness of one's doctrinal position by citing one's
own preferred set of authorities. For a while this was interesting, but it
is now becoming an exchange of "I say it is!"--"No it isn't!"--"Yes it

Anybody else feel this way?

Carl W. Conrad


Carl speaks for me as well, and I suspect for most of us on the List. I
feel as if I'm watching Tweedledum and Tweedledee battling each other over
some issue which involves only Christians from Mars or thereabouts.

PLEASE! -- Let's cease subjecting the entire List to this private dispute
which no longer has any interesting Greek problems whatever. Flame each
other privately; quote your favorite "authorities" at each other, and
settle denominational disputes elsewhere as well.

Do Carl a favor; do me one, too, and spare my "Delete" key so much work.

Edward Hobbs