John 8:58 and Complaints. . .

Tom Launder (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 02:36:02 -0700

Hello all,

Perhaps many of you have been bored by the multiple postings of Ron Henzel
and company, but I have not. I appreciate the hard work that the majority
of replies have contained, and enjoyed tracing their arguments.

Other points:

1. I have become aware of the objections that some raise to the traditional
interpretation of the 8:58 passage.

2. I have become aware of the grammatical problems(?) of linking the two

3. I have learned from watching the responses and how each one further
qualifies their response.

4. I think Mr. Henzel has done a fine job. :)

Problem points:

>Carl speaks for me as well, and I suspect for most of us on the List. I
>feel as if I'm watching Tweedledum and Tweedledee battling each other over
>some issue which involves only Christians from Mars or thereabouts.
>PLEASE! -- Let's cease subjecting the entire List to this private dispute
>which no longer has any interesting Greek problems whatever. Flame each
>other privately; quote your favorite "authorities" at each other, and
>settle denominational disputes elsewhere as well.
>Do Carl a favor; do me one, too, and spare my "Delete" key so much work.
>Edward Hobbs

I must comment that this reaction here from Edward Hobbs appears rude.
Perhaps I have misinterpreted what is being said? "Tweedledee and dum
etc.?" This gives me the impression that the "scholars" here wish not to be
bothered by such rantings of the intellectually challenged other then
themselves and their favorite topics (which can go on for multiple posts).
Would you not agree that to some of us younger students of the Scriptures,
this could smack of intellectual snobbery and thus barricade thorough
discussion for fear of tiring certain elders on the list?

I only pose the question. I hope that each of you will search your hearts
on this issue. I truly benefit from almost everything that is posted here.
Also remember that to some of us younger "scholars-in-the-making" much of
what is argued here is fresh.

Grace and Peace.


Ah! how many Judases have we in these days, that kiss Christ, and yet
betray; that in their words profess him, but in their works deny him; that
bow their knee to him, and yet in their hearts depise him; that call him
Jesus, and yet will not obey him for their Lord. Thomas Brooks