John 8:58 and Complaints. . .
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 10:36:01 -0700 (PDT)

As one who has also found himself hitting the "delete" key whenever he sees
John 8:58 (I must be very careful how I say that in light of Rev 22:18,19!),
let me say that I also appreciate Tom's position. It's just that this forum
has found a groove that seems to work well, and basically that is to say or
let someone else say what can be said fairly objectively about a problem and
then move on. A high premium is also placed on agreement to disagree. Those
bounds have frequently be exceeded (I am no doubt guilty of some excesses),
but even then some wise soul has stepped in at some point redirect the dis-
cussions to new ground. And while I certainly want to see "scholars-in-the-making" benefiting from the expertise of the seasoned veterans, the former need to
consider that the latter are in reality donating valuable time to the list,
time that could otherwise be spent in further research and writing. So when
the veterans say enough is enough, it probably should be considered so.

Don Wilkins
UC Riverside