Re: 2 Thess. 6-7

David L. Moore (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 22:07:55 -0400

David Wilens wrote:
> To all,

> verse 7. The phrase EWS EK MESOU GENHTAI is supposed to mean
> "until he is taken out of the way." I assume this is an idiom. To
> me it seems like "until he appears out of the midst." Is there good
> evidence that it is an idiom and that the traditional translation is
> correct?
> There is some evidence that it is idiomatic meaning "be removed,"
"leave." See BAGD s.v. GINOMAI I:4:c:beta; but cf. also the expression
GINOMAI EK at Job 28:2; Mk 1:11; Lk. 3:22; 9:35. Taking all these into
consideration, it appears to most probably mean "be taken out of the
way," "be removed."

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