Re: 2 Thess. 6-7

David Wilens (
Thu, 5 Sep 96 16:28:47 EDT

Don Wilkins writes

> In this passage, however, the readers ("you") have no control
> at all over the timing of the revelation in the "purpose" clause, or am I to
> think that you believe they do? (In which case I am still misunderstanding you,
> obviously.) Compare "I eat well so that I may grow strong" with "I eat well so
> that you may grow strong", or "I am working hard to make straight A's so that
> Iraq will not invade Kuwait."

I haven't completed my study of the Greek in this passage yet, but is it possible
that the church reveals the anti-christ to the Jewish nation - just as Esther
points out Haman to the King. But back to Greek. I hope that this very
interesting discussion will continue in a Spiritual manner. Thank you Don,
Paul, and others for your help.

David Wilens
Just an Engineer