re: Hebrew/Aramaic original

Richard Lindeman (
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 22:58:41 -0700

You wrote:
>General question to the list: Is it Koine in general that is exhibiting
>this characteristic of time being more a function of context than of
>verb form, or is it the biblical form of Koine only? If it is most
>frequently found in biblical Greek, I would see it as support for an
>underlying Aramaic or Hebrew form of the GNT. Also, if it is not a
>general characteristic of Koine Greek, then it would not be a general
>principle to be used throughout our examination of the Greek NT. To
>properly exegete texts, we should seek to determine which books might
>have been based on a Semitic language and which ones might have been
>Greek originally. Comments and help?
>Paul Zellmer
>Southern Methodist Missions

I actually have in my library a Hebrew version of the New Testament. It is
about 100 years old. Sorry, that's not quite old enough to qualify as
evidence. :-) However, I have always wondered why the Hebrew version
of the New Testament is not being included in any of the electronic


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