Re: Periphrastic constructions with multiple participles (Mar 1:6)

Carlton L. Winbery (
Sat, 7 Sep 1996 12:20:18 +0400

Mike Phillips wrote;
> I just want to confirm that Mar 1:6 has one imperfect form of EIMI that
>might be construed in periphrastic construct with two participles, the first,
>ENDEDUMENOS (Perfect) and the second, ESQIWN (present). I am uncertain as to
>the latter - whether it can use the same EIMI as the former or requires its

A better example of verb to be with two ptcs would be Matt. 9:36 where the
two participles are joined immediately by KAI. Whether Mk. 1:6 is
periphrastic is questioned by more than one of the recognized grammars.
There are no agreed upon criteria to determine whether a participle is part
of a periphrastic construction or is used in another way. Another
questionable example is Lk 6:43, present periphrastic. I can cite no
certain (agreed upon periphrastics with more than one ptc where the ptcs.
are in different cases.) They are all questioned by one or more of the
syntax books known to me.

A good eg. of an imperfect periphrastic is Mk 14:54, HN SUGKAQHMENOS . . .
QERMAINOMENOS. "He was sitting with . . . and warming." Other egs. that I
consider certain are Acts 9:28, Mt. 24:38 (4 ptcs with HSAN), Mk. 5:5, Acts
22:19, Phil. 2:26 (where HN is between the ptcs.).

There are many imperfect periphrastics in the NT, not as many presents,
very few if any future or aorist periphrastics (probably because a
periphrastic construction tends to emphasize linear aspect), a few perfect
active, and a suprising number of perfect passive (seems that the perfect
often borders on linear action), and a number of pluperfect (using the
perf. ptc with the imperf. of EIMI). One of the pluperf. passives with two
ptcs is Mt. 9:36. Another that some question is Rev. 17:4. There are six
future perfect passive periphrastics in the NT using the future of EIMI
none double.

note: before I posted this I noted that Carl Conrad had answered. I'm
will read his answer after I post. Note: Joe Billy McMinn was teaching at
the Univ. of Alabama, but is not listed in recent bulletins, perhaps

Carlton L. Winbery
Prof. NT & Greek La College